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We started in solar in 1982 and our team continues to help build the Solar Revolution.

Whether you’re interested in installing home solar power, solar hot water, commercial solar, or another type of solar system, we will provide you with comprehensive information and support — so you can make your solar decision with confidence.

Self Use Solar Power Systems

  • Are those that are connected to the grid and also have battery storage capabilities
  • Limit the effect of future power increases with the addition of battery storage
  • Use solar power to cover your daytime usage and store extra power to cover the peak load power used between 4pm and 10pm
  • Help the Energy Authorities to minimize the effect of Peak Load in summer
  • Offer Black-Out Protection with a battery bank for emergencies

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

  • Have no Connection to the Electricity Grid with a full battery storage solution
  • Must be done by Experienced Designers/Installers
  • Are your only power station so your reliance on it is 100% of the time
  • Require a comprehensive load analysis and shape your solar + battery system completely around your needs
  • If done poorly will cost you a lot in fuel for your generator and heartache for your lifestyle over the life of the system

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