Is Your Solar Working?

How do you know if your solar panels are actually working? Sure the inverter will give a daily read out and can be tracked over the long term but we’re now seeing more customers come forward who want a greater peace of mind when it comes to tracking the performance of their system on a micro level. 

And if you went away for a month and left nothing but the solar panels operating how would you honestly know that the system is up and running without any lingering issues?

This is the evolution of the solar industry and only now is the Australian market really catching onto what the possibilities are not only for monitoring a system but bring the performance and communication of a system down to a panel by panel level. Rather than traditional systems that group all of the energy of the system to one output and one performance figure, individual panel management systems like SolarEdge and Tigo Energy provide real solutions to know and see more about your system everyday.

How they work is to have a specialized maximiser box placed behind each panel and to run the energy from the module through each box. This is a smart maximiser that not only manages the panel and optimizes each panel separately but it sends data down to the inverter that allows the inverter to see all the panels as individuals not as one whole array.

This individualization is really important for a couple of reasons and creates a level of smart thinking above and beyond the traditional MPPT inputs on the inverter. These smarts include (But are not limited to):

  • Eliminating the elements of panel mismatch (2-3% performance loss over the life of a system) or combats shading or soiling on the panels (Can add up to 25% more energy production to a system)
  • Allows panel by panel data to be streamed live onto the internet so that the systems data can be accessed anywhere there is internet
  • Sends out alerts through the internet portal if a panel/s is showing issues or dramatic performance loss so that the problem can be dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • Presents administrators the chance to remotely diagnose problems via the internet and the data signals it’s receiving from that maximiser box.

With so many solar power generation systems out on roof now, there is a big opportunity for owners to add more panels onto their system and create even greater power savings within the property. Yet – With most standard inverters, to add panels it may mean that either the same modules have to be sourced or a second inverter added to the property and these solutions are always the most convenient for owners. Another upgrade option is to use the existing inverter but to upgrade the hardware with systems like Tigo Energy where you place a maximiser box behind the old panels and behind the new ones. With the added feature of online monitoring for the whole system, the upgrade has been completed with a seamless transition to a larger and more importantly smarter system. 

It’s exciting to see our SolarEdge and Tigo system perform and adapt to different weather situations everyday. As an installer we can provide clarity and features for solar power Brisbane clients that is above and beyond the standard offerings in the market. And with the value of extra performance and more power captured from their roofs, the payback for the panel management system is directly inline with the rest of the solar energy system.

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SolarEdge and Tigo Energy are two of our most exciting solar power Queensland products and we would love the opportunity to introduce these to you. For more SolarEdge monitoring data Click Here and look at our Kenmore monitored site.

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