The Solar Guys – Our Story

We’re passionate about the future of energy and are committed to working towards greater sustainability in our community.

Our mission

We believe that energy saved is greater then energy created. As communities across the world look for greener and more sustainable practices, we work to provide solar solutions across a variety of platforms.

We want to make it easy for homes and businesses to take advantage of proven performance solar technology, as well as our extensive experience in this industry.

At The Solar Guys, our mission is to supply equipment that makes, saves and stores electricity, and will enrich our customers’ lives – socially, environmentally and financially.

You have the sunshine. Let us bring you the benefits.

Our History

The Muldoon family have solar energy in their blood.

We started installing solar hot water systems back in 1982, at a time when most people were unfamiliar with renewable energy of any kind. However this was no barrier for us, and we introduced these revolutionary systems to curious Australian homeowners, keen to enjoy the benefits of solar in their lives.Dane Muldoon on Roof in 1983

Our history has helped shape our future direction and our passion for this industry. Today, we continue to help homes and businesses discover their energy independence through the very highest performance products and systems across all energy consumption areas.

Improved solar technologies

Over the past few decades, many technological advances have been made in the world of solar and energy efficiency. As manufacturers have invested time and research into improving their products, we have kept our focus on the overall outcome for homes and businesses across Queensland — lower electricity bills.Dane Muldoon from Solar Guys on Roof installing solar collector

Our range of energy solutions includes solar electricity, solar hot water, advanced LED lighting and pool solutions, as well as large commercial scalable projects.

When installing your solar system we use cutting edge technology. These new systems combine the advantages of higher efficiency over a longer period with stylish looks, and are considerably more reliable than old-style solutions.

The Team

John Muldoon originally started the company as a sole trader. His son Dane joined as a partner in 2007, and the team has now significantly expanded since those early days.

Daughter Tessa has also come on board, as has Arno Bertogna – an experienced General Manager who has helped to streamline the company’s delivery systems.

We also now incorporate a vibrant team of office staff and in-home consultants who keep the operation running smoothly.

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