Reduce your business’s outgoings with a commercial solar hot water system

Many organisations, including hospitals, hotels, food preparation factories and large offices, require huge amounts of hot water to run effectively.

Traditionally, fossil fuel boilers that ran on coal, gas and electric were used to supply hot water. But these days, with the cost of these energy sources rising quickly, commercial solar thermal systems are becoming increasingly popular with Australian businesses — and companies around the world.

We have the solar hot water solution to suit YOUR circumstances

Our commercial solar hot water systems can offer a range of solutions, to meet a wide range of temperature and flow rate requirements.

In a sunny country like Australia the applications for solar thermal heating are limited only by the imagination. Using combinations of high-efficiency solar collectors, commercial grade thermal storage tanks, high volume pipe-work and supplemental heaters, we can use solar heat to reduce the running costs of many processes.

Bulk solar hot water can be used for:

  • General hot water for taps and showers, e.g. hospitals and hotels
  • Cleaning and sanitation processes
  • Solar cooling systems (using thermal chiller technology)
  • Pre-heat processes for steam production

Experienced solar hot water technicians

At The Solar Guys, we have extensive experience in designing and installing commercial solar hot water systems for many purposes and environments.

Most notably, we designed and installed the solar thermal component of the absorption chiller system used on the Santos Place 6 Star Green Star building in Brisbane. We’ve also supplied systems to boarding houses, public pools, training centres and apartment buildings.

Due to our access to the highest performing solar equipment on the market, we can design solar hot water systems to meet any requirement. Our range includes:

  • Non-concentrated evacuated tube collectors
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrator evacuated tube collectors
  • Rotex storage heat exchangers
  • Standard and high performance flat plate collectors
  • High volume storage tanks and heat exchangers

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