Start saving money with a free energy audit from The Solar Guys!

Do you wish you could slash your family’s power bill? Want to know exactly where all your electricity is going? You need a free energy audit from The Solar Guys!

As energy costs continue to rise, many families are looking at solar systems to power their homes, and enjoying cleaner, greener and cheaper power as a result. What many people don’t know is that energy saved is much easier then energy created.

We are passionate about finding the best way to help YOU save money. So to provide you with the best option for your household we need to understand where and when the power is being consumed.

An energy audit will help you measure your household’s power usage, save money on your energy bills, and decide whether solar power – or another option – will provide the greatest return for you.

The solar professionals who come to you

Every house is unique – which is why we ALWAYS visit your home in person when carrying out your energy audit.

We want you to get the best out of your energy audit, so we conduct a thorough inspection of your house and its power consumption and then present you with specific information about your energy usage.

During every energy audit we:

  • Carry out an inspection of the roof, fixtures and fittings to determine whether a solar installation is viable
  • Calculate where power is being used in different areas of the house
  • Talk to you about your specific energy requirements
  • Look at when power is being used, to make sure you’ll enjoy a good return on investment if you decide to go solar
  • Deconstruct your power bill at your kitchen table
  • Give you options for solar solutions that will suit your individual requirements
  • Educate you about all your energy management options so that you can make decisions with confidence

We’ll make sure you’re fully informed by the end of your energy audit

Get ready to become informed! We love educating you about energy consumption, solar power, and the different ways you can reduce your bill.

We understand that the information out there can be overwhelming, which is why we break it down for you into manageable, easy-to-understand pieces. By the end of your energy audit you’ll be fully clued-up about your options, and ready to make the best decision for your household’s needs.

Valuable information, without the hard sell

Our energy audits are completely obligation-free.

When we come to your house, we won’t waste your time giving you the hard sell. Instead, we’ll present you with all the facts – and then let you make up your own mind about whether solar power is right for you.

We believe that solar energy is the way forward, which is why we’ve been using it in our own homes for over thirty years. But only an energy audit from an experienced professional will help you decide which energy management system is a worthwhile investment for YOU.

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