Reduce your household’s power consumption with these clever energy-saving solutions

With electricity prices rising, anything that helps to reduce your power consumption is money straight back into your pocket.

At The Solar Guys, we have a great deal of experience in saving power — and we use this extensive knowledge to help you source the highest performance energy efficiency products for your home.

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LED – the future of lighting

Depending on your home and habits, lighting can be one of the biggest energy consumers in the home. It is also one of the quickest and easiest areas to retrofit, and you can start making savings immediately.

At The Solar Guys, we believe LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the future of lighting.

Although it’s been around for a many years, LED lighting has been given a bad rap due to unreliability, poor light spread and overall light quality. However, recent technological advances have greatly improved not only the light quality, but also the various applications for which this product can be adapted, making it THE best solution for your home lighting.

LED’s typically uses less than 10% of the energy that traditional sources of lighting, like incandescence and halogen lighting.

It is most beneficial for fittings that are left on for long periods of time, i.e. security lighting. As the hours tick away, the savings add up – especially when you factor in the significantly longer lifespan of the lamps from reputable manufacturers.

The dangers of CFL lighting

Energy efficient compact fluorescence (CFL) lights have often been suggested as an alternative to LED lighting, and have been widely distributed over the past few years through efficiency and educational programs. However, it is becoming well known that these lights contain mercury — a highly toxic substance.

Not only is this harmful if the bulb is broken, but there are currently very few recycling options for the bulbs, which results in this dangerous material ending up in landfills.

We provide GE Lighting – the highest quality LED lighting optionGE logo

As the market is suddenly flooded with many cheap options for LED lighting, we have chosen to supply ONLY the very highest quality product — GE Lighting.

GE Lighting don't buy a lemonGE Lighting is an industry leader, not only in light quality and overall lumens, but also for proven long-term performance and reliability. Their light construction is free of mercury, lead and glass.

GE Lighting produces superior products because they concentrate on 4 key areas:

  • Optical efficiency
  • Design efficiency
  • Application efficiency
  • Environmental efficiency

Other benefits include:

  • Available in various wattages, GU10 down-light fittings, candle bulbs (for chandeliers), round bulbs and security spotlights.
  • Up to 90% energy cost savings
  • Minimised maintenance and related cost
  • Low temperature performance
  • NO mercury or lead
  • Long life (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Extremely low UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared)

Download GE’s Apples and Oranges LED Lighting brochure. pdf size: 668kb

Sustainable Pool Savings

Anyone who has a pool understands how much they cost to run.

Pool savings are an important aspect of reducing your power bill, so we work closely with pool industry professionals to offer high quality, reliable cutting-edge products that will save YOU energy and money.

We provide solutions to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your energy-hungry pool pump, AND,
  • heat your pool for increased swimming use throughout the year.

Energy efficient pool pumps

Your pool pump should be the first area you look into to dramatically lower your bill.

Why? Because the pool pump consumes so much operational power, if you do install solar power without making a change, the first 1.5kW of solar will be chewed up just to filter your pool.

Green star rated pool pumps have some of the shortest payback periods of any energy efficiency products on the market. They offer the same features and programs as existing models, but apply advances in technology to use a fraction of the overall power consumption.

We recommend two different brands –


Viron logo
This introductory 6 star Green-rated pump has three different water circulation speeds. It gives manual changing options for backflush and vacuum programs, and is built to last with a permanent magnet brushless DC motor that has been developed to slash operating costs.

Download the Viron P300 brochure. pdf size: 2.7mb


Pentair logo
This is the premium range in filtration pump equipment. This particular pump is fully programmable for automatic cleaning programs and has the ability to replace up to four different pumps for the same pool. The VS model has over 500 different incremental speeds, allowing the user to custom-design all aspects of water turn over, cleaning options, and other aesthetic features like waterfalls. This allows for the ultimate pool care and power savings.

Download Intelliflo VS and SVRS pump brochure. pdf size: 643kb

Solar pool heatingSolar Therm logo

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your pool for longer periods of the year?Pool Heating panels on Brisbane roof

Imagine the opportunity to swim for fun or fitness in your own back yard, rather than seeking out public heated pools during the cooler months.

Solar pool heating is the most researched solar product in Australia, but due to the complexities of the problem there are very few options on the market. Often pool heating solutions either work well in the hotter months only, or have significantly excessive running costs that make them unviable for residential use.

Our solar pool heating system is manufactured by the Gold Coast-based company, Solartherm. Solartherm panels use the suns energy like an oven — so it captures the heat and retains it over the day to allow greater heat transfer.

To heat very large volumes of water, each of the panels has a large surface area to maximise exposure, but is incased in a lightweight anodized aluminum box and strong resistant polycarbonate cover to stop wind chill and unnecessary temperature loss.

The Solartherm panel has been developed not only to withstand all weather cycles, but also as an improved efficiency option that requires a lot less space than other roof-based alternatives. This space conservation allows you to utilise other solar products and expansion in the future.

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