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Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are a follow-on from the popular Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) scheme that provided funds toward the cost of all types of solar systems. STCs are a commodity that contribute toward Australia’s overall Renewable Energy Target, and are available on all accredited solar hot water and solar power systems.

The STC system is similar to owning shares. Each solar system is rated with a different number of certificates, depending on the size, type and classification of that product. These certificates become live once the system is installed and is producing renewable energy.

The STCs will then be traded through either the trading market or the Federal Government Clearing House (for a dollar amount per certificate), where they will be bundled together and sold onto the large electricity generators.

There are two different ways to see financial benefits from your STCs.

1) Trade your STCs at the time of sale

The company you buy the system from will give you the option to sign over your certificates at the time of sale for the market value. As it is a commodity market, the supply and demand of the STCs available directs the price, and this can fluctuate day-to-day depending on industry movement.

The current value has swayed between $20 – $30 per certificate, and you’ll find that this is the most common price traded at the time of sale. But when selling your STCs, you should always ask the price of the trade and the current market value of the traded certificates through a commercial certificate trader.

2) Trade the STCs yourself through the Federal Government Clearing House

As of the 1st of January 2011, a convenient and more lucrative option became available for individuals and companies, who can now trade their STCs directly through the Federal Governments STC Clearing House for a set price of $40 per certificate.

This involves a simple three-step process of registering, lodging and selling the STCs with the REC Registry online, in order to access the top price for your STCs. Some of the points to consider if you choose this trading method are that waiting periods for payment can be up to 12 months, and there’s a one-off registration payment of $20 to access this service.

Despite these factors, this option is still money in the bank. Here’s an example:

1.5kW solar power system in Brisbane has 93 STCs

Trade to Solar Supplier – 93 x $25 = $2,325.00

Trades Certificates Yourself – 93 x $40 = $3,720.00

Financial difference to you – $1,395.00

At The Solar Guys, we provide our customers with a full ‘How-To’ guide and phone support if they wish to trade their STCs themselves. We have helped the majority of our customers with this option, and have seen success with a greater return from this incentive scheme.

You should always insist on transparency of trading figures at the time of sale. It’s important you understand all your options in order to get the most back from your investment.


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