Commercial LED Lighting

When you need to light up your commercial space, the possibilities really are endless. But it can be difficult to find the perfect lighting solution for your needs — one that doesn’t just look great, but also saves you money.

At The Solar Guys, we’re proud to offer the complete GE Lighting LED range that will help change your business’s outlook on lighting forever! In some organisations, lighting can be up to 20-30% of the power bill — so you want to be sure you’re using the most energy efficient lighting options available.

Innovations in commercial lighting

GE has always been at the forefront of powered lighting, having invented the incandescent bulb, the compact fluorescent bulb and the modern LED light. And now GE Lighting has a full range of cutting-edge commercial LED lighting systems that will meet the colour accuracy, illumination intensity and energy efficiency requirements of your business.

Not only does GE have the most comprehensive and versatile range of LED lighting on the market today, but their product quality and proven longevity is second to none. Every GE light is tested for thousands of hours before shipment to ensure the best performance.

Solar Guys Commercial Street Lights before and after

Commercial LED lighting solutions to suit any type of organisation

GE Lighting’s commercial LED lighting provides stylish and practical solutions for retail stores, car parks, transport stations, hospitality outlets, offices, warehouses, and many other types of business.

Using GE Lighting, we can provide you with excellent lighting options for ANY space, purpose and environment. For example:

  • Retail shopping – highly adaptable Immersion strip lighting for shelves, multipurpose down-lights for the store floor, and directional lighting for window displays
  • Carpark – Evolve LED area lighting fixtures for a safe, even spread of light over a space, and street lighting for entrances and exits
  • Vertical refrigeration displays – Immersion strip lighting for safety and display purposes that can produce light down to an incredible -30°C.

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