Are you looking for the solar option that will provide the best return on investment for your home or business?

Welcome to my SunBank.

Due to rising energy prices, more and more Queenslanders are turning to solar power advantages to help make running their households more affordable. But with changes to the solar feed-in tariff for your excess solar produced, it no longer makes financial sense to sell any of your power back to the grid.

So what’s the best option? Welcome to my SunBank — the complete solar power plus battery storage system from The Solar Guys.

What is my SunBank?

My SunBank enables you to store your solar energy during the day and shift using your product to when you need it — so you really can get solar power after dark. The benefits include:

  • Reduced power bills and reliance on the grid.
  • Emergency backup power in the case of grid failure.
  • The ability to use solar power at night during peak tariff times.
  • Increased control of your energy production and consumption.
  • The possibility to move to complete energy independence by going off-grid.
  • Reduction in the consumption of diesel for remote grids.

Plan ahead for increased energy independence

My SunBank enables you to become fully energy independent over time.

This is because you can build up your solar bank system gradually if you wish — by installing high-performance solar panels and a next generation inverter from the start it can be easily upgraded with batteries and a battery management components at a later date.

Or, if you prefer, you can install the complete my SunBank system in one go. It’s completely flexible — which means you’re able to do what is best for your home or office.

Stage one: Battery ready

Battery Ready 100% grid icon
We’ll install your solar system with an inverter that is ready for batteries in the future, so you add a plug and play system when the price of electricity reaches its peak. Being battery ready now allows you to still be able to access the feed-in tariff and not let any of your solar power generation go to waste, but you’ve future proofed your system and put flexibility as a priority for this changing electricity market.

Stage two: backup

Backup 75% grid icon
Include a small battery backup bank with your solar. This gives you a simple emergency supply system to deliver power into the house/business during the day as normal, as well as power during black outs for essential services such as medical equipment, refrigeration and IT. If poor grid reliability and the impacts of natural disasters disrupts your life, the my SunBank stage two backup system will keep you running.

STAGE three: hybrid

Hybrid 50% grid icon
Perfect for properties that already have a grid connected solar power system on the lucrative 44c solar feed in tariff (FIT) scheme, the Hybrid system allows us to install a secondary system onsite that is connected only to essential circuits and runs completely off batteries. As storage units cannot be added to existing solar power systems on the 44c FIT, this secondary Hybrid system will add greater viability to the current system and provide backup power if the grid goes down.

Stage four: Self-use

Self Use 25% grid icon
Have a larger solar power system on your roof and instead of selling the excess kilowatt hours for cheap, you can store the solar power during the day and time shift it to your night time consumption – Exactly when you need it. This solution is the next revolution for solar power in the suburbs and is far more convenient and financially flexible then a solar bonus scheme. As feed-in tariffs drop (Or disappear altogether) using your power when you require it, will provide the greatest advantages and fastest return on investment. Take control of your power bill with the my SunBank self use system.

Stage five: Completely off-grid

Energy Independent 0% grid icon
This complete solar, battery and generator backup system supplies all power to the premises and is the perfect rural and outback solar solution. It’s not just about energy independence but when the power of the sun may be the only option – reliability, performance and support is everything. A stand-alone off grid solar system is the perfect alternative if your dealing with spiralling diesel generation costs or when you have been quoted an outrageous amount to have power connected to a property.

The beauty of the my SunBank system lies in its flexibility, since you only upgrade when YOU need to. So whether you just want to reduce your power bill, or go completely off-grid, you can easily plan for the future. With the my SunBank system, you’re covered for every eventuality from the first day.

The most efficient way to start with a solar and battery storage system is to install a grid connected battery ready system (Stage 1) and add batteries once you have more data on it’s production and your consumption. This battery upgrade could be 6-12 months after the system was installed but is a smarter way to get all the battery metrics and cost efficiencies right the first time.

Get the best return on your investment

Although the mandated Queensland feed-in tariff is now $0.08 per kilowatt hour, Origin Energy is offering $0.14 and AGL $0.16 per kilowatt hour fed back into the grid.

Even at the mandated rate of $0.08 cents per kilowatt hour and with high performance solar panels plus a next generation solar inverter, a high tax-free Return on Investment (ROI) is possible today. This compares favourably with most forms of investment in today’s market at a lower risk.

A system designed to maximise self-use combining a 3.7kW array of high performance solar panels, a next generation solar/battery inverter and a 10 kilowatt hour battery bank can time shifting solar power produced during the middle of the day to the cover the morning and evening peaks. Again, at a very attractive ROI that only increases as the cost of power rises.

With the energy market rapidly changing, creative thinking is needed to get the best value from harvesting the power of the sun. The Solar Guys have a long history in solar and an enormous technical knowledge gained through our Commercial Division that we bring to all residential projects. This allows us to offer solar power systems for every situation designed to deliver superior performance and a long life.

Is my SunBank right for me?

Do you want to get the best possible return on investment from your solar system? Do you want the freedom to upgrade your system’s capacity, as required?

If yes, then my SunBank is the perfect option for your home or business. Whether you have existing solar panels or not, give our expert team a call today to find out more about this excellent system. The new revolution in solar is here — make sure you’re part of it with my SunBank! Call 1300 750 055 to talk to someone about your solar plus battery options.

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