SolaX Battery Inverters

Welcome to the future of solar power in Australia. We’ve been talking about solar + batteries for a few years now and with the decrease of available solar feed-in tariffs around Australia, the opportunity for solar + battery systems to provide greater return on investment and energy security for all properties is now closer than ever. SolaX Solar + Battery Inverter

The Solar Guys is proud to introduce the SolaX inverter range into our mySunbank pathway to useable, cost effective and reliable solar and battery storage options. SolaX is an exciting product and will help provide many homes and businesses in the future with a complete solution to producing, using and storing solar power either in on-grid or off-grid electricity situations. Continue reading “SolaX Battery Inverters” »

Rheem $500 Debit Card Promotion

Rheem are excited to launch a healthy incentive early this year to help you install one of their market leading solar hot water systems just in time for chilly winter period. Rheem Solar Specialists Promo

Up until the 11th of April 2014, when you purchase a Rheem Thermosiphon Solar hot water system, you can claim a Debit Card loaded with cash to buy whatever you want. This cash-back is up to $500 on 300L tank systems and is yours to enjoy along with the hot water costs savings you get all year round with a Rheem Solar system. Continue reading “Rheem $500 Debit Card Promotion” »

Rheem Heat Pump Cash Back

Bring in the New Year with much lower water heating costs! Rheem are currently offering $500 Cash Back on their entire residential heat pump range. This offer is available until the end of February 2014 and the process is superfast via the Rheem website. Features and pricing for Rheem heat pumps

The extensive Rheem Heat Pump range not only carries the famous and respected Rheem name but also has these interesting features:

  • Whisper technology for quiet operation (And after personally hearing the unit running – It really is whisper quiet),
  • Different models for different situations so you can get the right solution,
  • High rating energy efficiency providing years of low cast hot water,
  • Back-up element and error controls so if there is a problem you don’t loose hot water and can identify that the unit needs to be looked at,
  • Straight replacement for current electric hot water units and can be a same day install if needed.

If you are interested in learning more about Rheem Heat Pumps or about any hot water products in the Rheem range, don’t hesitate to call 1300 750 055 or Click Here to send a website enquiry and we will call you back to discuss your solar hot water needs. Be quick to snap you your $500 Rheem Heat Pump cash-back today.

Rising Energy Costs in 2014

It’s always being talked about in the media and maybe you’ve come across it at the water-cooler – the rise of household living expenses and more specifically the constant price of power and gas going up. And with the New Year here it’s all starting to look a little same, same as before. Power prices rises in Australia

Yet, with the sensational journalism and the political hot button issue that energy normally is, here are the facts so you can understand just how you will be affected. Continue reading “Rising Energy Costs in 2014” »

Solar Trends in 2014

As we head into the New Year, we always like to take an overview look at the solar industry and provide some predictions on what’s moving and shaking around the place. Just a few days into 2014 and there’s some surprise action and trends that will only develop further as the months progress. Here’s a snapshot of what we see trending in 2014: Solar Power installation photo Continue reading “Solar Trends in 2014” »

Battery Myths Busted!

Heard some strange theories about battery storage and their usage in the city? So have we and we thought it was time to put your mind at rest with the facts rather than the fiction that some might have you believe. Solar Bank Batteries

1)   Batteries aren’t Approved by Energex/Ergon!

There are a number of regulations to do with the installation of batteries in an urban residential setting. These relate to battery charging, the feed in Tariff and how they are housed. Once all these factors have been met then there is nothing to stop the installation of battery backup systems. The Solar Guys have installed a number of self-use and hybrid systems in SE Qld. All have been approved by Energex.  We have also installed self-use and full off-grid systems all over Qld that have been approved by Ergon.  Continue reading “Battery Myths Busted!” »