System performance
(live online monitoring)

Real world performance and proven power production should be your most important concern when you’re looking to buy a solar system.

Every solar panel produces a different amount of power – even if they might look the same in appearance. The only way to get accurate, proven performance is to access live monitoring data from systems working under the Australian sun.

At The Solar Guys, we showcase the live data from three solar power systems – all in different environments – so you can see the real world performance, both now and into the future. This also allows accurate statistics by showing differences in seasons, weather patterns and air insulation – factors that are common differentials in the solar world.

By live monitoring our solar power systems, we know that the normalised power output (NPO) and financial return figures that we quote are real and proven in today’s climate.

Kenmore 3.3kW, solar power Brisbane, Queensland:

SolarEdge inverter
This Kyocera solar power system was installed in June 2011 and features the latest in cutting edge technology and monitoring. Due to the heavily shaded aspect of this roof in winter, the customer didn’t install solar until individual power maximiser boxes were readily available in Australia. This additional feature manages each panel individually to optimize its performance, irrespective of the other panels in the solar array.

By using this management technology not only do you get far less disruption due to shading factors on photovoltaic modules, but we are starting to see a greater yield from each panel overall.

The system features:

  • 14 x KD235W Kyocera Solar photovoltaic panels (3290W total)
  • SolarEdge SE3300 grid connected inverter (97.2% Euro efficiency), 14 SolarEdge Management boxes behind each panel
  • UniRac framing on tilted roof with northern facing aspect

Corinda, 3.0kW solar power Brisbane, Queensland:

This Kyocera Solar power system has been installed on a due east facing aspect. Although there is much conjecture over east vs west directions, this particular property experienced no module shading and allowed the array to installed together rather then splitting the solar panels over two roofs.

The system features:

  • 14 x KD215W Kyocera Solar photovoltaic panels (3010W total)
  • SolarEdge SE3300 grid connected inverter (97.2% Euro efficiency)
  • Clenergy framing on tile roof with eastern facing aspect

Desert Knowledge Solar Centre, Alice Springs:

The Desert Knowledge Solar Centre is a Government funded solar farm located in the heart of Australia. Widely acknowledged throughout the solar industry as one of the most comprehensive active research centres available anywhere in the world, it has been up and running for over 2 years. This is one of the only apples-to-apples comparison sites in the world.Desert Knowledge Solar Centre

The DKA Solar Centre allows users to follow a variety of different solar manufacturers, technologies, directional aspects and equipment in real-time monitoring on the Internet. The base started with 16 different solar arrays and there have been additions and subtractions along the way, but Kyocera solar has shown proven long-term performance against all rival systems.

Kyocera Solar and the Panasonic HIT® panels are both featured at the site and can be activated through Array 14 and Array 17 for accurate comparisons and monitoring.

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