Take the pain out of your power bill with our solar pool heating and filtration systems

We understand that as a commercial pool owner or operator, you have two main priorities.

Firstly, you need your filtration system to maintain the very highest standards of water quality and health compliance. And secondly, you want to be able to offer your services all year round — not just in the hot summer months.

We have looked closely at the two main areas of power consumption in commercial swimming pools — filtration and heating — and have found practical and viable solutions that will take the pain out of your pool power bills.

Experienced solar pool system technicians

Our experience lies in helping owners, councils and stakeholders use state-of-the-art equipment to upgrade their existing setup and get their pool working more efficiently, rather than starting from scratch. Our process is to assess the available options, and then install solar pool solutions that not only save large amounts of power, but also pay for themselves multiple times over their life span.

The perfect solar pool solution for your needs

We can show you the most efficient and cost–effective ways to upgrade your pool including:

  • The addition of variable speed drive technology onto your pool pumps
  • The dramatic cost savings of the latest advances in pump technology
  • Pre-heat or full heating solutions to gain temperature increases with efficient, reliable, space-saving flat plate solar pool heating
  • Monitoring systems to ensure water quality and health compliance to reduce your OH&S risk
  • Other energy saving devices and information that is integral to helping your operation surviving further price rises

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