Install solar hot water in your home and turn the sun’s energy into savings

In Queensland, hot water accounts for 35% of household energy consumption on average. But why spend so much money on electricity or gas to make hot water, when you could be using the sun for free?

Heating water is very energy intensive, so installing a solar hot water system is an important first step to bring down your power bill.

We supply evacuated tube and flat plate products, both of which work in very different ways. Each system is matched to the different needs of each household so we can find the very best hot water system for you.

To find out more about how each type of solar hot water system works, see the different brands below.

Only the best solar hot water systems

We pride ourselves on supplying you with premium brands of solar hot water systems that have all been tried and tested in Australia.

We’re passionate about the brands we stock – and we love educating YOU about why they’re the best solar hot water systems around, so you can be absolutely confident in your choice.

Rheem Solar Hot Water

Rheem Solar Specialist
The Solar Guys are delighted to have been appointed as a Distributor for Rheem Hot Water

Rheem started manufacturing in 1937 have been market leaders in the hot water business for decades. They supply a full range of products from electric hot water systems, heat pump options, close coupled tank on roof solar systems and split solar hot water systems with a ground located tank.

RHEEM high-line – roof mounted tank SYSTEMS

A Rheem tank on roof solar hot water system is an excellent environmental and financial investment. Traditionally called a closed coupled system, the tank on roof solution is the lowest in running costs and one of the longest serving products of the entire solar industry.

Available in both stainless steel and vitreous enamel tank options, the tank on roof system is made tough for Australias weather conditions and will last the test of time. With 5 to 10 year warranties and with most systems in seven Colourbond steel shades to suit your roof, this Rheem solar range is flexible for your needs and for the installation onto all roof types.

Rheem Solar systems are available in options for both frost and non-frost areas. This is the very best that solar hot water can get.

The Rheem High-Line range are available in 180L and 300L tank sizes.

Rheem Loline – Ground Located Tank Split Systems

Rheem supply a tried and tested range of flat plates on their Rheem Loline solar systems. These flat plates come in 2 different grades. The standard NPT Series Collector designed as a budget priced unit suitable for families with an average hot water consumption pattern up to the TBT Series which has an advanced Copper Solar Absorber coated with Titanium to generate extra hot water for households that have a higher than average hot water consumption.

These units provide an easy change over in an emergency when electric systems fail as the tank in most instances would be located in the same spot as the existing electric tank. A quick temporary install can be done whereby the tank can be installed first up and the collectors at a later date. This way the emergency is averted. These units all use vitreous enamel tanks across the range.

The Rheem Loline ground located tank solar hot water systems come in two different Models. The standard Loline System for non frost locations and the Premier Loline System for frost prone locations. The Premier Loline System has a heat transfer system that utilizes a heat exchange fluid with anti-freeze properties.

The Rheem Loline Range comes in tank sizes, 270 litre, 325 litre and 410 litre.

The Rheem Premier Loline Range comes with a 270 litre tank.

Heat pump units

The Rheem heat pump range is unrivalled for choice, value and quality. Combining options for where the compressor is mounted and the flexibility of installation, the Rheem heat pumps are suitable for all applications.

The standard Rheem heat pump unit is 325L in size and is suitable for both small and large homes. The compressor is mounted on the side of the tank and is absolutely whisper quiet – even able to be installed near general bedrooms and living areas without hassle from loud clunking compressors. It comes standard with an electric element as a absolute last resort back up if there is ever a problem with the system – So you always have piping hot water when you need it.

Other Rheem heat pump options include a top compressor mounted 310L unit – for rapid recovery situations, and a split tank and compressor unit in a 325L system if the tank needs to be installed indoors allowing the compressor to be outside the property.

For your safety all solar systems installed by The Solar Guys come with a tempering valve as standard. This is necessary to be compliant with the plumbing code and ensures protection for children and other vulnerable people.

Warranties on all Systems are available from the Rheem PDFs below.

Download Rheem – Stainless Steel Roof Systems. pdf size: 500kb

Download Rheem – Ground Systems. pdf size: 500kb


Apricus logo

Apricus Solar is one of the worlds largest evacuated tube manufacturers. A trusted brand for many years, Apricus offers systems to suit both residential and small commercial requirements. The Apricus system has been developed with range of technological benefits to help make the most of all weather conditions:

  • The darkest evacuated tubes available in the residential market for maximum solar gain
  • Intelligent Solar controller that allows the user to interpret temperature readings from both the roof and the tank
  • Apricus products are internationally certified and designed for a high quality of performance and also accredited for cyclone rated areas of Queensland
  • We offer the Apricus vitreous enamel tank range

Installing solar hot water in your home is a huge decision, so you want to be sure that your investment will be worthwhile. Our brands have stood the test of time – again and again – in real Australian homes. Let us help you bring solar hot water to YOUR home today, so you can reap the benefits!

Download Apricus Brochure. pdf size: 1.8mb

Download Apricus Glass Lined Tanks Specifications. pdf size: 1mb

Stiebel Eltron WWK300aStiebel Eltron logo

The Stiebel Eltron 300Ee heat pump water heater is made in Germany and is the most advanced heat pump on the market. Stiebel Eltron systems have used tried and tested technology for over 30 years to give real energy, environmental and money savings.

The WWK300a delivers constant, efficient and environmentally friendly hot water, all the time with less power. And it’s as easy to install as a conventional electric hot water tank, with no need for complicated or expensive extra utility work to be carried out. The Stiebel Eltron system is also one of the quietest on the market and offers automatic frost protection for cooler areas.

As the WWK300a storage tank is situated at ground level, it is easily retrofitted into the position of your existing hot water service.

Download Stiebel Eltron WWK300a specifications brochure. pdf size: 1.1mb

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