Building a brand new home or premises? Our unique ‘Solar by Design’ consultancy service can help you start more sustainably.

Are you building a new house? Speak to our experienced team about making your home sustainable – and slashing your utility bills for good.

When constructing a house from scratch, there are many sustainability regulations and requirements for you to comply with. These requirements not only benefit the environment, but will also help you reduce utility bills and live more easily in our harsh Australian climate.

Our unique Solar by Design service will help you through this complex process.

Builders and architects often have many other things to consider when planning and building your home. So by preparing your energy arrangements with Solar By Design, you can be sure you’re dealing with experienced, passionate sustainable energy people that really know their stuff.

During our consultation, we work closely with you to incorporate cutting-edge solar technology into your new home.

This is the opportunity for you to take advantage our company’s extensive sustainability advice, product knowledge, and many years of industry experience.

Our Solar by Design service – how it works

Our consultancy is all about using our professional knowledge to find the most suitable sustainable solutions for YOUR needs. We understand that each home is different, which is why we tailor all solutions and products to you.

  • Firstly we go over automatic inclusions like a hot water system, and access our extensive product range to find the best solution.
  • Then we look at future needs of the household to plan system sizing, as well as your architectural plans for possible solar panel positioning.
  • We will compose a detailed report that outlines your options and includes a cutting edge technical drawing and outline for your needs and the suitability of the project.
  • As the build moves along, we quote and supply products that suit your requirements, and most importantly, your budget. Our installation crews are able to work with the onsite tradesmen where required, to ensure that each product is integrated into the home with excellent results.

We have worked with many homebuilders — from the very initial planning stage right through to hand-over day, with brilliant results. Let us work our solar magic on YOUR new home, so you can enjoy lower bills and a more sustainable lifestyle.

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