Every organisation is unique — just like our commercial solar power and storage solutions

Ever-increasing electricity prices aren’t just affecting households — they’re also causing problems for commercial enterprises on a much larger scale.

While small, roof-mounted solar power systems are often sufficient to reduce residential energy costs, a solar power system for your business must be specifically designed and sized to match your company’s needs and power usage patterns. Once an appropriate system size has identified, our experienced team can run simulations to estimate your overall energy and financial outcomes to give you an idea of what to expect.

Solar performance is the key

Performance is the key to any large-scale solar installation. Cheap, low performance systems with little-to-no backing and support may meet some residential customers’ desire for low up-front costs, but represent an unacceptably high risk for commercial enterprises. Without independent performance testing, it’s impossible to accurately estimate system performance under Australian conditions — making it impossible to calculate the return on investment.

Not only does your solar company need to know the complexities of installing large solar systems, but they also need to understand and have access to the right products. It’s far more complex then it may appear on the surface.

We provide organisations with advanced solar power technology

A boom in solar power over the past 10 years has paved the way for rapid advances in photovoltaic technology. We proudly offer a range of external and integrated photovoltaic systems that we tailor to your requirements to deliver more power from the sun to your business every day.

Power produced by commercial solar systems can be used to:

  • Generate income (via a feed-in tariff or by selling power to tenants and lessees)
  • Offset large power consumption during daylight hours
  • Help offset localised network issues in rural or under-developed areas
  • Provide an increased rating for a building via Green Star or NABERS

Reduce power demand problems with a smart energy storage system

The intermittent nature of most renewable energy sources has meant that our society remains dependent on fossil fuels, even as our energy generation shifts towards low and zero-carbon sources.

Since the peak load strain on power networks is most prevalent in the mid-afternoon to early-evening period, solar power in particular has been criticised for not delivering power after sunset.

The latest smart energy storage systems change the game by allowing renewable energy to be delivered to the end user at any time of the day or night. The latest grid-connected energy storage systems will play an integral part in our society moving towards a clean energy, low-carbon society.

Smart energy storage systems deliver:

  • Time shifting renewable energy production to reduce localised peak demand load on the grid
  • Power stabilisation for renewable energy sources, including power fluctuation control
  • Distributed power to community energy storage grids in new developments
  • Reduced use of generators for solutions away from the mains grid
  • Back-up power for essential services during grid outages

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