Want to slash your energy bills? Solar power is the answer.

Whether you’re concerned about the environment or just want to reduce your family’s electricity bill, harnessing natural energy from the sun’s rays simply makes sense.

At The Solar Guys, we started installing (and using) solar in the 80’s, so you can be sure we have applied our knowledge and experience to become today’s solar professionals.

Our experience and passion really makes us stand out from the ‘solar pretenders’, and we’re committed to using our knowledge and skill to provide you with the very best solar power system for YOUR lifestyle.

We understand that there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to solar – which is why we tailor our service to your needs. Let us help you love your next power bill!

What is solar power?

Solar power uses energy from the sun to generate and provide electricity to power your home.

Solar panels are installed on your roof and work hard to produce kilowatt hours throughout the day, which are then converted to the energy you use in your home. A solar power panel system will start saving you money from the moment it’s set up.

In fact, you can even MAKE money through your solar panels by joining one of the state-based feed-in schemes that buy the surplus electricity generated within your home.

How does solar power work?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are installed on the north-facing roof of your home and generate electricity directly from sunlight. Once your solar panels are installed, they will produce electricity all year round.

The direct current (DC) solar electricity generated by PV cells needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) for use in the average home. An Inverter is used to make this DC to AC conversion. Grid Connected Inverters direct the power into your home so it can be used instantaneously are now widely used. You will also have a new ‘smart’ meter installed to allow excess solar power to be sold back into the grid. This is effectively running your power bill backwards.

Our grid-connected solar systems are easily installed, have no further operational costs and qualify for generous rebates. And because of our commitment to quality, they won’t just save you money on electricity, but will also increase the value of your property.

Our solar power products are built to last

When choosing to go solar, one of the most important aspects to consider is the type of equipment being installed. The performance of the panels is everything!

Solar power is used around the world, but since Australia is an especially harsh climate with extreme UV levels, we’ve chosen products that are proven to last and guarantee your return on investment.

At The Solar Guys, we’re extremely proud of the systems we supply and install. We ONLY provide our customers with superior, high-quality solar products that have been tested extensively in Australian conditions. And our premium range of solar panels are not only built to keep working in our extreme climate – year after year – but also have a higher proven kilowatt hour performance against other solar power panels in the market today.


Kyocera Logo
With more than 30 years experience in the solar field, Kyocera have pioneered many of the industry’s advances that have lead to higher performance and improved efficiencies of solar cells.

We offer Kyocera’s complete range of the highest quality crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) solar panels for use in grid connected and off grid / remote applications.

Kyocera’s KD Series Solar Panels lead the market. The KD Series:

  • Are among the highest performance on the market with power densities over 145W per square metre
  • Have the largest cell size available (156mm x 156mm) ensuring that a minimal number of cells are used per panel, for the highest power output and improved longevity
  • Are manufactured completely “in-house” by Kyocera with zero outsourcing (Kyocera makes their own photovoltaic cells, they do not buy them from a third party). This makes Kyocera one of the world’s largest vertically integrated solar power companies.
  • Utilises just one multi-crystal cell type across the entire range, offering the same high efficiency cells from their largest to their smallest panels – unlike every other manufacturer

Kyocera’s MyGen Home Power Systems include all the components required to power your home or business with clean solar energy. Our Kyocera systems are paired with only the highest quality European inverter manufactures in SMA and Power-One.

Kyocera Solar is part of the global Kyocera Corporation group, which in financial year 2011 had revenues of USD$15.3 billion and employed over 66,000 people world wide. Kyocera solar prides itself on proven performance, proven stability and a long standing commitment to environmental manufacturing and sustainability.

Download Kyocera’s Proven Performance brochure. pdf size: 2.6mb
Download Kyocera Data Sheet. pdf size: 1.6mb


Panasonic logo
Panasonic Solar (previously known as Sanyo Solar) is a Japanese company involved in the research and manufacture of solar modules since the mid 1970’s. The great break-through in solar PV technology came for this company when they developed a hybrid HIT® (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) panel with the inclusion of photovoltaic and thin-film technology.

The Solar Guys is proud to offer Panasonic’s HIT range and their new MP6 poly-crystalline photovoltaic module. Available in a high powered 230W model the MP6 is a good fit for both residential and commercial projects.

Panasonic’s MP6 solar panel is backed by industry leading warranties, uses only lead-free soldering and has been compliance tested for use around the world. Panasonic are excited by the opportunity to offer this level entry product into the market to compliment their highly distinguished HIT® Module.

Download Panasonic Data Sheet. pdf size: 1.5mb

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