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Brisbane Home Show Wash-up

We were overwhelmed with the enquiry at the Courier Mail Brisbane Home Show and would like to thank everyone who came to get information from The Solar Guys and the support they have given our ideas and solar solutions. 

It was a big trade show mostly because of the enquiry we had for the my SunBank battery storage solutions and how people can see this working for them in their home or business. My Sunbank is all about making solar work financially and give back control to the customer in times of high power prices and low feed-in tariff rates. With such a low grid price incentive for excess kilowatt-hours sold from a solar system, its time for consumers to look harder at how solar can work with the assistance of battery storage to use solar power after dark. Continue reading “Brisbane Home Show Wash-up” »

Why You Must Consider Solar Power Storage

We all know power prices keep going up and aren’t expected to fall anytime soon. So, it’s this simple fact that is spurring everyone to look at alternatives and what they can do to help counteract the skyrocketing cost of living.

Solar power and solar hot water are the obvious choices as an addition for any home as we can take the heat or light energy from the sun and use this to our advantage. Solar has been used for many years as a way for people to save electricity and make money from their roofs. Continue reading “Why You Must Consider Solar Power Storage” »